CensorNet has just what you need to allow access and control outcomes.
Integrated Web Security, Email Security, CASB and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Shadow IT

With the proliferation of cloud apps in the business, visibility into what’s being accessed, used, shared, posted or downloaded by your users is paramount – find out why most cloud apps are far from enterprise-ready when it comes to security.


Still using 2FA to authenticate users onto your systems? Find out how Multi-Factor Authentication beats 2FA every time, using context, location, IP address and other unique identifiers to safely and securely approve access to your systems.

Securing Office 365

Adoption of Office 365 has surpassed even Microsoft’s expectations, yet most organizations add more layers of security innovation and technology to be fully secure.


Don’t be the next victim of ransomware bullies – instead protect your employees from inadvertently exposing your company to ransomware by taking appropriate security precautions.


In the face of dramatic advances in technology, your business still needs to maintain compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements. Survive the next audit by checking the right security boxes with purpose-built technology.

Cloud Security

If you are considering moving your business-critical applications to the cloud, read on. Every day we help thousands of organizations embrace the cloud, without compromising security, or frustrating users.