How We Took The "F" Out of Authentication
Entrust Datacard took to the road in May 2018 to show Cyber Security professionals in Ireland how to take the "F" out of Authentication. That’s F as in Factors, Friction and Frustration

Today's enterprises are dynamic and ever-changing. The adoption of mobile and cloud are changing the way we conduct business. As new digital transformation initiatives are introduced, the risk of cyber intrusion and the need for transparent, secure access have never been higher. 
Employees and customers around the world expect simple security – they are no longer tethered to desktop computers, instead, transitioning between desktop, laptop and mobile devices within a single session. To achieve a secure environment without hampering productivity, organizations must enable access to mobile while protecting the extended enterprise beyond just SaaS apps. They need authentication solutions that tie seamlessly into today’s working environment and the needs of today’s users — as well as a foundation for future needs and growth.

What Does That Mean For Your Business?
At Entrust Datacard, we’re Taking the “F” out of Authentication (F for Frustration, Friction and Factors) is what drives us and aligns with our mission to shape modern authentication while raising the bar on both user experience and security assurance.

Our new authentication platform provides intelligent identity across a unified platform
 experience improving user enablement, productivity, and satisfaction — enabling access and innovation, without compromising security.

At our Breakfast Session, you will be offered access to the latest market information and practitioners’ insights including how to handle the shifting of users, applications and management to the cloud and how to cope with the acceleration of digital business innovation.

We will also discuss customer case studies and engage in a very brief, but thought-provoking and informative, panel discussions on the latest technology and the business outcomes that can be achieved.

This is an unmissable event for anyone responsible for identity and access management
Our Special Guests Were:
Peter Boyle
CTO, Burning Tree
Ryan Zlockie
Global Vice President - Authentication, Entrust Datacard
Rajan Barara
Global Product Management Leader - Authentication
Our strong authentication solutions offer the capabilities, assurance levels,deployment options and mobile innovations you need to enable digital business and protect what’s important to you.
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