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Cyber Risk Mitigation in the Maritime Industry

Join us as we navigate the cybersecurity challenges in Maritime Operational Technology

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The Maritime industry is a global interconnected infrastructure critical to commerce in just about every corner of the world. Ireland, as an island nation, is dependent upon the maritime sector for 90% of imports and exports. The sector has multiple interdependencies; producers/manufacturing, shipping companies, cargo carriers, and ports, navigational aids, logistics companies such as haulage and rail and then the retailers, are all fundamental to the success of the sector. In the past the greatest threats have been recession, fuel costs, or industrial unrest, but in today’s world, the increasingly stark threat is that of cyber attack in its very many forms.

The sector is undergoing a massive digital transformation, seeing a dramatic move from legacy systems running independent Operational Technology (OT), to frameworks that are becoming increasingly automated, intricate and interconnected to both onboard and shoreside management systems and OT assets. Unfortunately, the move to modernise does not necessarily mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks and in some ways it actually increases the risk.

In many cases the sector is still unprepared and unable to mitigate cyber security risks but solutions and expertise are available to assist with developing a sustainable maritime cyber security strategy.


  • Introduction to the OT Forum - Michael Conway, Renaissance
  • IMO 2021 and Cyber Threats to Maritime Sector - Kieran Caulfield, Renaissance
  • Protecting Maritime OT Assets (Seaside & Landside) - Arik Diamant, Claroty 
  • Supply Chain & Modern Cargo Management​ in Maritime Environments - John Hales, Unisys
  • Open Forum for Discussion (Facilitated by Michael Conway) - Kieran Caulfield, Edel O'Connor, Helen Murphy, Capt. Brian FitzGerald, Arik Diamant, John Hales
  • Closing Remarks - Michael Conway, Renaissance

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Join us as we navigate the cybersecurity challenges in Maritime Operational Technology

Join us for this engaging virtual session where we provide real examples from the field. We will also cover:

  • The current threat landscape for the Maritime Industry given the new reality.
  • The different methods & latest technologies unique to Maritime OT Security.
  • What you need to know in implementing ICS security as part of your Maritime organisations larger security posture.
  • Lessons learned and tips from implemented projects within the industry.

Our Speakers & Industry leading Panellists

Michael Conway

Managing Director


Kieran Caulfield

Enterprise Account Director - OT


Arik Diamant

Senior solution architect & OT (ICS) Expert - Claroty

John Hales

Enterprise Security Architect


Edel O'Connor

Business Development Manager

The Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO)

Helen Murphy

Technology Officer

Commissioners of Irish Lights

Capt. Brian FitzGerald

Director of External Affairs

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Maximise Safety and Productivity

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has formed a resolution titled “IMO 2021”, which states that in order to be IMO-compliant, after 1 January 2021 every ship’s Safety Management System must include a Cyber Security Plan. Learn more. 

The Maritime industry has already seen cyber security incidents that have resulted in systems being forced offline, cargos and vessels immobilised and consumers disappointed, all of which has cost millions in lost income. However, in many cases the sector is still unprepared and unable to mitigate cyber security risks. The industry also faces unique difficulties in regard to innovation, staffing, and operating procedures that make implementing cyber security solutions more testing than for the average organisation. This is where cloud-based OT security systems can step in to provide more flexible deployment methods as well as leveraging the platform that our IT security colleagues have used for years. 

Keeping Maritime Networks Safe & Secure

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