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Are they who they say they are? The rise of digital identities has brought both innovation and risk, with identity now considered one of the fastest growing attack surfaces available to hackers.

Recently, a study by the Identity Defined Security Alliance even reported that across all industries, 94% of enterprises have experienced an identity-related breach.

Identity and Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity Access Governance (IAG) are all solutions that play a critical part in the day-to-day tactical delivery of any robust cybersecurity strategy.

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Vice President and Principal Analyst Andras Cser discusses how identity management can enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

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To protect yourself from attack scenarios, you can impose a certain level of security on your vendors’ own systems, but you can also simply not give them custody of your privileged accounts.

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When you look at the title of this blog, you might say to yourself there is no role? But you would be wrong!

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does MFA prevent ransomware attacks

In this blog senhasegura clarify the differences between Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM).

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what is the difference between IAM and PAM

As 5G networks grow, more information will be transferred, increasing the incentive to break into the network to retrieve sensitive information. Read on here.

5G network security

There is a great debate as to how many incorrect password attempts a user should get. 

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Securing Passwords

In a world where the majority of data breaches start with weak or stolen credentials, many businesses have added an extra layer of protection with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

censornet MFA

While UBA is not a new concept, its applications are multiplying. By associating Machine Learning and Big Data, UBA updates the patterns and detects any deviation that is potentially dangerous for the information system. Read more.

User behaviour analytics

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With over 20 years of experience working in IT security, Simon is a technical specialist advising companies across all sectors in IT security strategies, applications and implications.

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