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Over 80% of Cyber Attacks Begin with a Phishing Email 

The State of Email Security in 2021

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According to the global 2021 Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report, cyberattacks on Irish companies are on the rise, with phishing emails being the most common and successful entry method for cybercriminals, who have managed to extort sums of up to €40,000 from small Irish companies.

Alongside inbound email threats from the outside, it is equally essential to secure outbound email, with over 90% of data leaks caused by human error.

Overall, a robust email security strategy should encompass a framework that provides fast email threat prediction, prevention, detection, and response. This page provides a hub of educational resources on email security and the solutions Renaissance can provide.

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Dramatic increases in the volume and success of phishing attacks and migration to cloud email require a reevaluation of email security controls and processes. Read more.

From malware trends to budget shifts, CSO have the latest figures that quantify the state of the industry. Read more.

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FraudWatch International
Red Sift

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In this Osterman Research white paper, learn about the current threat landscape and how to bolster your security posture. Read more.

Barracuda Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing Ransomware and Email Fraud

Email is still the weakest link in the security chain and neglecting email security can leave your networks vulnerable to attacks. Many legacy solutions can’t fend off today’s modern attacks. 

Read more.

As the main form of communication for businesses, emails are sent and received by most without so much as a second thought. Yet, according to our research, 48% of security professionals believe that their organisation would be more secure if they didn’t use email. Read more.

One click away from disaster the importance of email security

Average workers receive more than 100 e-mails per day. Because of this influx of e-mails daily, it’s easy to let your guard down and fall for phishing attacks. Many people are unaware of phishing attacks and are vulnerable to these online thieves, but what exactly are they? Read more.

Phishing Attacks How to Spot Them and Protect Yourself From Them

Widespread social engineering scams are continuously used to deliver ransomware and other malicious software. Thus, a deep understanding of these threats is important. This is how any organization can be kept secure and protected. Read more.

In the May 2021 edition of Hornetsecurity's monthly email threat review, they present an overview of the email-based threats observed in May 2021 and compare how threats have evolved in 2021 so far. Read more.

Security Lab Monthly Email Threat Review

What can companies do to protect their confidential data? To understand the answer, we first need to get a handle on why encryption is so important in the financial services industry. Read more.

Email encryption who holds the keys to unlocking your data

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This eBook covers how MSPs can reduce customer risk in a changing landscape with end-to-end unified security.

Bitdefender Email Security Guide for MSPs

This eBook explains in detail how inbox defense protects against sophisticated attacks.

13 email threat types to know about right now

Red Sift Podcast: The State of Email Security

A discussion between Rahul Powar, Founder of Red Sift, and Flavio Aggio, CISO of the WHO, on the current state of email protection and the importance of implementing DMARC, what changes are needed in the industry, and how to elevate employee cyber awareness.

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