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Active Directory insecurity is the root of all compromises. The bad news: Nothing can prevent hackers from compromising one of your computers. Too many devices, too many apps, the uncontrollable human factor—too much to overcome. That fight is over. So be it. The good news: there are only a handful of vital IT assets that allow hackers to spread after the initial breach, and one towers above them all: Active Directory. Alsid is focused on in proactively securing the gates to the magic kingdom and mother of all infrastructures - Active Directory (AD).

This Webinar Includes

In this virtual session we provide actual examples from the field, covering why Active Directory and why now, the challenges faced by business today and what Alsid can do to help.

  • Introduction Michael Conway, Renaissance
  • How do we secure the gates to the magic kingdom and why now? Johnathon Taghavi, Alsid
  • Customer Case Study - Ryan Du Plessis, Sky

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Detect directory vulnerabilities before attackers do

Our Speakers

Michael Conway

Managing Director


Johnathon Taghavi

North EMEA Sales Manager


Ryan Du Plessis

Group Head of Cyber Security Engineering & Oversight 


Chris Eves

Enterprise Sales Engineer 


Kate McKinley


Domaine De Mourchon

Lateral movement is the new frontline

Keep your AD Environments secure with Alsid


A simple, clean AD

Once upon a time, your AD topology was sound, only a handful of objects had power over your domains, and they were isolated and closely monitored.

Complexity curse

Years of growth, merges, and modifications made your AD a complex sea of objects with privilege interdependencies Learn More.

Inevitable weaknesses

Unfortunately, there are hidden misconfigurations and relationships that can be exploited to bridge even the most secure isolation structures. Learn More.

An open road to hackers

Hackers are fully adept at moving laterally through these unchecked paths all the way to domain domination.
Your security solutions can’t see these attacks.

Learn more.

A simple, clean AD

We work with our partners to deliver solutions and services to make your clients and customers IT environments more secure and compliant and future proof these solutions by tailoring these to suit their needs and requirements. Renaissance and our suite of security vendors and partners are ideally placed to work with  industrial organisations to help analyse current security systems, design a way to improve them, and deliver the improvements over time. Starting with the most critical systems and vulnerabilities. Learn more.

Founded in 2016 by two former incident responders from the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), Alsid is a hypergrowth cybersecurity vendor headquartered in Paris with a global reach.Since Alsid’s inception, we’ve resolved to defend those few systems on the critical path of our adversaries. And one towers above them all: Active Directory. One system that we can protect and leverage to break our opponents’ operations. This is our battlefield. And we own it. Learn More.

Formed in Ireland in 2015, Kontex has grown to become a leading supplier of security technologies and services to organisations around the world. Our approach emphasises training and knowledge transfer to help our clients gain the skills and confidence necessary for the successful integration and operation of security technology within their organisation. We strive to ensure that our clients are able to maximise their investment in security technologies. Our mission is to be the partner of choice for leading organisations as they protect their resources. Learn More.

Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. Business France is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location. Learn More.

Domaine de Mourchon lies in the beautiful Dentelles de Montmirail hills at the centre of a triangle made up of Mont Ventoux in the East,

Vaison-la-Romaine to the North and Avignon to the South-West. Thus it is to be found at the heart of not only some of the region’s best vine growing country, but also at the heart of the Vaucluse region – Provence at its most historical and most picturesque! Learn more.

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