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How to easily secure your customers' privileged accounts

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For many organisations, privileged access to their information system has long been an Achilles’ heel. With their "administrator rights", any malicious action, intentional or not, from a privileged user, poses a significant risk to the entire information system.

The protection of information systems requires the deployment of a Privileged Access Management solution for the surveillance of privileged users. However, an on-premise solution requires a significant initial investment, sometimes incompatible with the budget allocated for IT.

Systancia Cleanroom Session Service is a PAM as a Service solution that secures organisations’ information systems with minimal impact on human resource allocation to democratise its use and open it up to a larger number of organisations.

This Webinar Includes:     

  • Business Introduction, Michael Conway, Renaissance
  • Easily secure your customer’s privileged accounts, Sabrina Hamed, Systancia
  • Product demonstration, Matt Malarkey, Systancia
  • Recorded Q&A 

In this on demand session, the experts at Systancia will introduce you to the Systancia Cleanroom Service and all of its benefits including how to:

  • Record administration sessions in video format, with agentless web recording with no rebound feature, and automatically analyzes their content to quickly find the context and changes made.
  • Discover and detect the accounts used to administer resources and thus monitor, record and audit every access to them
  • Protect access to resources by strengthening the authentication before connection, and by injecting the privileged accounts used on the administered resources.
  • Deploy simply and quickly the solution thanks to the self-service mode
  • Spread out costs over time according to the actual usage

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Michael Conway



Sabrina Hamed

SaaS Distribution Success Manager


Matt Malarkey

Presales Consultant


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