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Since its inception in 2004, nations across the world have been promoting Cybersecurity Awareness every October with the purpose of educating both individuals and organisations on how we can all do our part to navigate the security challenges brought on by living in a technology driven world.

For organisations, having a resilient cyber security posture is easier to achieve and maintain when security awareness training for employees is made a priority, security best practices are implemented and company policies are regularly reviewed.

This page acts as an educational resource hub to provide the latest resources to stay cyber aware and the best tools available for assessing organisation cybersecurity posture. You can also contact us at Renaissance for more information and advice.

Our Resources

Part one of this blog series discusses the role of the employer in enhancing company security.

Security Awareness Blog Series Part One

In part two we explain how to maximise employee security awareness and lower the risk of human error-related cyber-attacks and insider threats.

Security Awareness Blog Series Part Two

In the final blog, learn how MSPs can protect clients from ransomware with better human risk management.

Human Risk Management Solutions for MSPs

We discuss what is often the most overlooked aspect of cybersecurity in organisations today - the supply chain and third-party solutions.

In September 2020, Renaissance published a series of multiple-choice, high-level questions designed to probe organisation’s OT cyber security posture. The survey results demonstrate there is work to be done across all industry sectors.

Free Cybersecurity Awareness Tools

Panorays Third Party ROI Calculator

See the cost benefits of managing your third-party security with Panorays.

Panorays Vendor Security Quiz

Find out what’s missing in your third-party security process.

usecure Free Phishing Simulation

Measure how vulnerable your staff are to modern phishing attacks in minutes.

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Articles, Reports and Whitepapers

For most schools a firewall-based blocking device is used to enforce boundaries but sadly, there will often still be holes in the defences, whether intended or not.

Learn how Fastvue can help.

You might think your business is too small or that your employees know better than to click on a link in a phishing message. But every business is a target. Read on for real world examples.

What is SAT?

This free guide explains everything you need to know about effective cyber training, including the role of human error, how to keep staff security-savvy from home, the essential training topics you need to include and how to start driving secure behaviour from today!

The complete guide to security awareness training 2021

This short whitepaper provides recommendations on how to avoid the pitfalls of starting your organisation’s security training journey, helping you to maximize the impact of your efforts.

Read now.

Recommendations for Successful SAT

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