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Simplifying Zero Trust in a Cloud Environment

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 Never trust, always verify

The move to the cloud has led to more open access across the internet for employees and customers, but also increased the access points for threat actors.


As recent cyber-attacks have shown, shifts in IT capabilities have outpaced the cyber security capabilities and tools traditionally used to protect an organisation’s most sensitive assets. Zero trust is gaining tremendous momentum as a best practice in cyber resiliency and the migration to cloud and cloud-hosted services has been the biggest enabler to implementing Zero Trust strategies through new capabilities and system integrations.


By leveraging software-defined infrastructure and cloud vendor services, organisations can be better positioned to plan their security implementation from the ground up to enable Zero Trust.


On the surface, zero trust seems like a simple cybersecurity concept: Never trust, always verify. But deploying a zero-trust architecture requires end-to-end visibility, automation, orchestration and other key elements.


This recorded stream aims to provide a simplified overview of Zero Trust and provide insight into how organisations can implement an agile and dynamic security foundation that is flexible enough to meet the challenges faced by remote workforces, evolving threats, and technology trends.

Stream Lead Facilitator:

David Lello, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Burning Tree

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