Live Webinar: 

Data Security and Compliance Made Simple: Building Strong Security Measures for Irish Organisations in Alignment with European Regulations

Learn how you can revolutionise the way you handle

your organisation's valuable information

Tuesday 26th September | 11am


Protect Your Business & Data with Confidence

Proactively safeguarding sensitive data is essential for maintaining trust and avoiding hefty fines or reputational damage. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other stringent rules in force, it is crucial for businesses to understand their obligations and implement appropriate measures to protect personal data.


During this session, Actifile, a leading provider of advanced data security solutions will delve into the key compliance challenges faced by Irish organisations and offer practical insights and solutions on how to mitigate risks and achieve data transparency and protection, while ensuring regulatory compliance.


You will discover practical strategies to secure sensitive data, including data classification and encryption techniques to simplify data security and compliance in alignment with European regulations.


Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore the ever-evolving landscape of European compliance regulations, the impact on Irish organisations and how Actifile’s cutting-edge data protection platform simplifies the process of safeguarding sensitive information effectively.

How can Actifile help your organisation?

Actifile is the transformative data management & security solution that empowers organisations to proactively secure their data and ensure compliance.

Actifile completes the traditional Cybersecurity & Compliance stack in every organization by discovering what data to protect, adding visibility and ‘understanding’ of where the sensitive data is located, what it contains, and what its risk value is.

By doing that, Actifile revolutionises how data is managed, reducing the risks of ransomware attacks and data leakage, without changing how people work. 


11:00: Business Introduction, Michael Conway, Renaissance


11:05: Actifile Presentation, Guy Bavly, Actifile


11:45: Q&A


12:00: Close


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Michael Conway,

Director - Renaissance

Guy Bavly,

CEO of Actifile

Gain Peace of Mind and Avoid Costly Penalties with Actifile's Proven Solutions

End-to-End Data Security Made Easy


Monitor all of your sensitive data via one centralised platform and encrypt it with one click. Actifile’s unique, self-served AI based data security platform quantifies all data risks, pinpoints the sensitive files and includes autonomous encryption capabilities, allowing you to adopt a proactive approach to fight off all kinds of external threats and minimise insider risks.


Data Risk Discovery

Based on predefined privacy regulations and PII definitions, Actifile immediately scans for sensitive data using smart patterns.

Risk Quantification

Actifile then quantifies data risk per PII type in local currencies (. i.e., US dollars).

Monitoring & Auditing

Track and audit data risk in real-time by continually monitoring incoming and outgoing sensitive data flows.

Remediation By Encryption

Automatically secure sensitive data across all endpoints, cloud apps, 3rd party portals, and shadow IT.


Actifile is a leading provider of automated Data Discovery, Monitoring, and Protection solutions, empowering organisations to safeguard their valuable data from external threats, insider risks, and ensure compliance with Data Privacy regulations. Their unique approach centers on identifying and quantifying risks, discovering sensitive data in storage and motion, and tracking it to/from applications. By automatically encrypting data, they limit liabilities associated with potential theft incidents, such as ransomware attacks. Learn more.

We work with our partners to deliver solutions and services to make your clients’ and customers’ IT environments more secure and compliant and future proof these solutions by tailoring these to suit their needs and requirements. Renaissance and our suite of security vendors and partners are ideally placed to work with organisations to help analyse current security systems, design a way to improve them, and deliver the improvements over time, starting with the most critical systems and vulnerabilities. Learn more.

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