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BullWall is your last line of defense for active attacks

Ransomware has become a major threat to organisations of all sizes and industries, causing significant disruptions to business operations, financial losses, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. Despite the significant investments in traditional security measures, cybercriminals can still infiltrate organisations and launch successful ransomware attacks.


That's why Renaissance partnered with BullWall. With BullWall, you can stop encryption, prevent exfiltration, and ensure business continuity with the only solution that stops active ransomware attacks.


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Why BullWall?

The only solution of its kind. When a ransomware attack begins, BullWall detects the abnormal file activity, stops file encryption within seconds, quarantines the infected user and protects your critical IT infrastructure and data storage – on-premises and in the cloud. Entirely automated, the system requires no hands-on monitoring and can be integrated with your other security solutions.

  • 24x7 Agentless Containment: Including Zero-Day Exploits for Data On-Prem and In-Cloud
  • RDP Protection: Server MFA Without Requiring a Second Device
  • Cyber Insurance: Meets Criteria for Discounts or Approval for Most Insurance

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Ransomware Is Evolving, So Must Your Response

BullWall for Heathcare

The healthcare industry is a prime target for ransomware attacks, as patient data can fetch a high price of €25​​​0 on the black market, and the attack disrupts patient care, even putting lives at risk.


To protect against these threats, IT administrators must tackle common attack strategies like phishing emails, compromised websites, and DDoS attacks. Moreover, they face a complex cybersecurity landscape due to the growing adoption of cutting-edge medical devices and online portals, which present additional vulnerabilities for cyber criminals to access confidential health information (PHI).Cybercriminals don’t discriminate based on the size of your organisation. They love to prey on midsized businesses and remote offices of larger enterprises because they lack the dedicated IT security resources of larger organisations.


BullWall for Education

More than 50% of K-12 schools and universities experienced a recent cyber-attack that caused significant disruptions to their IT infrastructure. ​​Educators remain high-level targets due to the complete collection of students' PII data, which can be used for identity theft. While educators understand the issue, they are challenged to improve their security posture with limited budget and staff resources.


Benefits for Companies with Cyber Insurance

With ransomware attacks increasing by more than 232% over the last four years, cyber insurers are enforcing stricter coverage requirements. Even with guidelines in place, ransomware attacks cost companies an average of $4.62 million to recover. As more organisations seek to protect themselves with cyber insurance and payouts surge, insurance premiums are also surging. In 2022, rates increased by an average of 74%, on top of an increase of 94% in 2021.


BullWall is the ransomware containment layer you need


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BullWall is a cybersecurity solution provider with a dedicated focus on protecting critical IT infrastructure from ransomware. We provide rapid containment of active attacks, and safeguard servers by preventing unauthorised intrusion. BullWall is your last line of defense for active attacks. Learn more

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We work with our partners to deliver solutions and services to make your clients’ and customers’ IT environments more secure and compliant and future proof these solutions by tailoring these to suit their needs and requirements. Renaissance and our suite of security vendors and partners are ideally placed to work with organisations to help analyse current security systems, design a way to improve them, and deliver the improvements over time, starting with the most critical systems and vulnerabilities. Learn more.

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