Identify and Eliminate Insider Threats
With ObserveIT, You Can:
Visualise User Actions
Now you can have video capture of incidents such as file copying, mass printing, and visiting prohibited websites.  The activities are scored prioritized based on the amount of risk so your team knows which activities to look at, and have irrefutable video evidence of security violations.
Quickly Detect & Resolve
Quickly investigate and see the full story of what happened before, during and after an incident. With unambiguous video evidence, you spend less time sifting through logs and multiple systems. Rich search makes it easy to find suspicious activity and view incidents with dynamic video recording and playback.
Increase Security Awareness
You can increase awareness of security risks in real-time. Whether a user is copying data to a USB drive, downloading programs, or performing other activities that create security risk, you can enable pop-up notifications that educate and provide alternatives that are compliant with company policy.